Gray Angelfish
French Angelfish
Queen Angelfish

Angelfish are a type of ray-finned fish.  Marine angelfish are a diverse group of more than 85 species that inhabit warm, shallow waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean.  The 3 above are common in the Caribbean.

Angelfish can reach 2 to 24 inches in length, depending on the species, but commonly 8 to 12 inches and can live up to 15 years.

Identification of male and female angelfish is not an easy task because they are equal in size and have the same coloration of the body.  Angelfish will change colors as it gets older.  Black stipes may fade into yellow as it ages. Health, nutrition, and breeding activities can also bring on changes in color.

Angelfish are also known as protogynous hermaphrodites which means a female will change into a male at a certain point in her life.

Their bright colored body provides camouflage in the coral reefs and plays important role in communication.  The body of an angelfish is flat and thin like a pancake. This allows them to slip through the crevices and narrow holes in a coral reef. They can escape a predator this way or access algae or other plant life for nourishment.  Predators include larger fish, Barracudas, and Sharks.  However, their main threat is water pollution.

Angelfish are active during the day, and they are omnivores (their diet is based both on the plants and animals).  Angelfish like to eat sponges, algae, jellyfish and small fish.

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