I like to have a cigar from time to time; not outrageously expensive cigars, but not cheap ones either.  I placed an order Online to have a box of cigars shipped to me, and using this 100% free service, I saved close to $20 on the order and received a “gift” cigar to sample worth about $7 that I would not have received otherwise.

It’s a Win/Win Situation:

I saved $20 that I would have had to pay without the free service – money just wasted for no reason.  Win For Me!

The person that referred me to the free service received 20% of my savings ($4 on just one purchase) without even knowing I placed an order.  This will be the situation for you as all your divers do their ongoing day-to-day shopping.  Win For You!

A New Career

They may need a new suit, new dress, new shirt, new shoes, a briefcase, etc.  Maybe they need a computer, a printer, a desk, some software or other supplies. They save money and we make money.

To Start A Family

They may need a crib, stroller, car seat, baby monitor, bouncy seat, changing table, diapers, bottles, wipes, clothes, toys, formula, baby shampoo, etc.  They save money and we make money.

To Lose Weight

They may want a treadmill, a bike, weights or other equipment.  Diet pills, vitamins, protein shakes, nutrition bars - thousands of items are available.  They save money and we make money

To Travel The World

When they book their airline flights, cruise ships, hotel rooms, rental cars, or need luggage, backpacks, sunscreen, bug spray, and much more. - they save money and we make money.

They Save Money & We Make Money So It’s A Win-Win Situation

This means when customers start to use the free service to save money on what they need or want – you collect 100% of the profits!

Every Customer Then Becomes A Lifetime Customer For You!

The 100% profits you receive doesn’t only apply to what they purchase to improve their lives, it includes just about everything people purchase on a daily bases.  Household cleaners, paper towels, garbage bags, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, groceries, tools, automotive supplies – you name it! 

Best of all, you don’t have to do anything to make this extra money.  You simply set up a couple of free accounts online (this takes about 15 minutes) and then it completely runs on auto-pilot in the background of your life so as people shop as normal whether it’s at 2pm or 2am; you receive a percentage of the money they spend & you keep 100% of this profit so we don’t deduct or keep anything.

Turning Passion Into Profits!

This type of Online business may not be your life’s passion, but everyone loves to save money, and probably most people love to help others save money so this gives you an instant way of making extra money (over $20 million dollars is paid out each month) while helping others save money.  Your Abundance Blueprint will take you deeper into making money from your personal passions in the Business & Career category of your life if that’s one of your desires.
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