%%FIRST_NAME%%, you can enter your desired information in the following fields to customize your website for your divers.  If you leave it blank, then nothing will show & there won’t be any big blank spots making your website look like something is missing.

This is the signup link that you’ll give to your divers %%FIRST_NAME%%.  Please copy and paste the link below into the Signup URL field.

best-dive-ever.com/dap/a/?a=Sorry, you must log in before you can view this content. Click here to log in

Here we have your basic information.  This will be the name, phone number, website address, and dive shop name you want your divers to see.  Again, anything you leave blank %%FIRST_NAME%% will simply not show up.  The email setting is the email you want divers to use which may be the same or different than the email in your profile.  The email field should not be left blank.

This field is where you’ll choose the dive profile questionnaire that you want your divers to fill out so you can prepare for their arrival.  They can range from basic information to quite detailed so the choice is all yours %%FIRST_NAME%%.  However, if you don’t see one you like, just let us know by email and we can make a custom one for you with the exact questions you want to ask.


  When you find the one you like, simply replace the “XX” with the number given for the profile questions and copy & paste it below.  Then simply 2 brackets “[ at the beginning and “]at the end to activate the link.  It should look like the image above (12 is just an example) when you’re finished.  If you need any help with it %%FIRST_NAME%% just let us know.

SmartQuizBuilder id=XX][/SmartQuizBuilder

The field below has it’s own webpage where you can let your divers know anything you think is important before they arrive.  It could be what to bring or what not to bring.  Differences in currencies or transportation – anything you feel is important for them to know.

This field below also has it’s own webpage where you can inform your divers of any routine, non site specific parts of your dive briefing (like the announcement at the beginning of a flight).  This could be getting on & off the boat, the buoyancy check,  any safety instructions you want to reinforce, or procedures for “what if” cases, etc.  We provide your divers with some skill reviews & hand signals that you can check out HERE so you don’t need to include those in your briefing %%FIRST_NAME%%.

We also provide your divers with fun quizzes to go over some of the basics like where to put their fins so nobody trips over them or place their weight belts so they don’t fall on any toes, etc.  Your divers will earn “Bubbles” for taking these quizzes which they can then redeem for some cool Free stuff.

After you enter your information %%FIRST_NAME%%, it will appear throughout the website that your divers will interact with updating and improving their diving skills, learning fun things, getting free stuff, saving money, and generating additional income for you.  Here’s what their website will look like %%FIRST_NAME%% …

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