The Online Store that comes with your Website can increase your income in two ways; directly & indirectly.

We think Scuba Diving makes life better, and here at, we’re all about making life better!  Your divers are offered an array of Online Courses to improve different areas of their life (this is the business I retired from in the US to become a full-time diver).  These courses are produced using a combination of Books, Audio, and Video creations that range in price from $47 to $97 with Signature Courses priced at $497.

Your divers can participate in fun and engaging quizzes to earn “Bubbles” that they can use to purchase the courses for free or they can choose to purchase them outright for cash.  When they purchase anything directly for cash, you receive 50% of the amount while we take care of everything.  Signature Courses are cash only (no “Bubbles” so you receive $248.50).

The second way is when they actually use their “Bubbles” to get the course for free.  When this happens, it creates a psychological condition called Reciprocity.   Basically, this means that when someone does something for you, it creates a feeling of obligation to return the favor.  For example, if someone buys you a round of drinks, you naturally feel an obligation to buy the next round.  This can lead to larger tips for you.

This is not used to “trick” your divers into giving you larger tips than they want to give.  This is designed to benefit your divers by giving them value and a sense of appreciation for what you’ve provided them with so they happily and eagerly want to return the favor.

Here’s a list of categories that we currently have popular Online Courses available to offer your divers.

Affiliate Marketing





Crafts & Hobbies


Food, Cooking & Diets


House & Home


Love & Romance






Sports & Outdoors



Website Design

Something For Everyone!

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