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Here’s a few reasons why I can help you give your divers a better experience and allow you to earn more money by what I’ve learned over the years.

Hi, I’m Mike & I’ve been diving since I was 8 (certified at age 11 in 1978). 

Back then there were no weekend certifications.  The course was 11 weeks where we met twice a week and spent 1 hour in the classroom and 1 hour in the pool.

I dove for years as a paying customer before going pro so I have the perspective viewpoints & experiences from both sides of the table.

I became a DM in 2011 and have had the privilege of taking over 15,000 customers on their Best-Dive-Ever!  Here’s what a few have said about me on Trip Advisor …

After several trips in different locales, we didn’t know how good we had it on our dive trip with Dive Master Mike.  He is a professional in every sense of the word. – Jackie

Dive Master Mike gave us an amazing and relaxed dive experience that I’ll never forget. He’s professional, knowledgeable, and possess the rare quality of adapting to the needs/experience level of his clients. -Richard

 Mike is truly a talented DM who took excellent care of all of us, and especially our two newest divers.  He maximized our fun, and his trained eyes pointed out the tiniest and most intriguing creatures in the underwater world.  He’s friendly, awesome to be around and makes you want to keep him.  His enthusiasm and passion is contagious and GREAT to be around.  We dove in another area, and even though it was great too, we’ve been so spoiled by Mike that I’m afraid we’re going to be tough customers in the future. -Alex

My wife and I have been diving for 30 years and we know what we like: unhurried dives and minimal structure.  Dive Masters Mike led the dives based on our skill level and interest and did not impose unnecessary limits. The diver profiles we completed were actually used to customize our dive experience.  Everything was done with the customer in mind and to enhance our vacation. – Chris

We were fortunate enough to be paired with Mike as our Dive Master and he knew every inch of each dive site. Before each dive he showed us a map of the dive site – showed where we would start and finish and some of the detours we might take depending on conditions and the groups air supply. He knew exactly how far to go and at what depth to make sure we all had a great time and maximum time down and avoid any long surface swims back to the boat. His knowledge of the wildlife in the area was A1 and it seemed that almost every turn he was pointing out something that none of us would have seen if not for his expert eye. We all felt like family by the end of our trip. -Nicholas

Divemaster Mike is a fantastic underwater safari guides. His knowledge and experience really come through, allowing me to totally relax and enjoy diving. -Mario

Divemaster Mike is all about serving and assisting the people on board, but what’s really special is the way he intentionally creates an exciting and memorable experience for the divers.  He personalizes each dive by asking what you’re wanting to see and what you enjoy, and he makes an effort to realize your wishes.  He cares about the safety of the divers, and also allows you to maximize your dive. – Rachel

 We went diving for 6 days and had the most amazing experience.  I love how Dive Master Mike picked dive sites suitable for us which made the experience very personal.  We loved diving with him. -Jules

Dive Master Mike reviewed his notes from our previous holiday and ensured we dove the sites we had missed.  We truly enjoyed our holiday and it was largely due to the professionalism and camaraderie bestowed upon us by Mike. -Shirley

Dive Master Mike was a wonderful hosts with great stories and tips to help us.  He’s just an all-around great guy and a joy to be around. -Katie

Dive Master Mike made our vacation the best it could possibly be and helped us become confident underwater. He is knowledgeable and communicates very well. He knows so much about diving and it’s very interesting to learn about all of his experiences.  We always knew exactly what he was saying and he kept us safe. He is all about fun, safety, and he truly cares about you and your experiences. -Charles

 Dive Master Mike tailored the dives to our needs and wants for the week.  Would not dive with anyone else on a return trip.  Can’t think of anything that would have made the stay better. -Marisa

Dive Master Mike is professional, patient, and personable.  He was meticulous with our equipment and concerned for our safety at all times.  For each dive, he considered the abilities and interests of each person, maximizing each person’s experience. -Sophie

 I’m a dive instructor myself so I have very high expectations when diving with other establishments, and Dive Master Mike did not let me down.  He was very thorough with his dive profiles and does a great job of identifying fish.  He does a great job choosing dive sites that match your ability.  You can tell he loves to do what he does.  All in all, he made our trip one of the most memorable trips we ever been on. – Ben

Any dive shop can show you the wonderful reefs in the area, but Dive Master Mike is the real deal and makes your experience even better. – Layla

Mike is a great DM and will take his time to make sure you’re comfortable in the water and is great at pointing things out. -Greg

I live in the area and choose to dive with Dive Master Mike.  He takes you to fascinating, offbeat dive sites that are not frequented by other dive shops.  He’s competent and patient and has great information to share about the area and the marine life.  Great times with personal touches.  I intend to be a happy, returning customer! – Elle

Where to begin … Mike is an excellent DM who really likes to take his time, go slow, and see all there is to see without being rushed.  This translates into a very relaxing dive.  I felt completely safe. A phenomenal and laid back DM that gave us an absolutely amazing time diving.  We wouldn’t dive with anyone else.  We will be back!! -Thomas

Mike is awesome!!!  It was the BEST I’ve ever experienced!  He’s professional, relaxed, you feel safe and taken care of – in my opinion, the BEST!!! -Vanessa

 I didn’t think it was possible, but my second visit was even better than the first time.  Dive Master Mike is unbelievably friendly and welcoming to say nothing of how knowledgeable and helpful hi is in all matters diving related.  He has to be one of the best guides I’ve ever followed.  We’re all planning our return already. -Angela

Dive Master Mike led the perfect dive for my skill level. – Anita

I was taking my OW training while my boyfriend, whose AOW dove with Dive Master Mike.  They had the best time diving together.  He stated that it was the best diving of his life, and Mike was by far the best DM he has worked with.  Mike is passionate, kind, fun, and an all-around amazing guy.  I too was lucky enough to do a fun dive with Mike after my course. -Sarah

Divemaster Mike led all of my dives.  How relaxing! I am spoiled now.  Mike really knows his stuff – the list is too long to post here.  I can’t say enough about my experience – I even stayed a week longer than originally planned.  Can’t wait to get back! – Jill

Dive Master Mike helped re-introduce me to diving after a long hiatus.  It took half of our first dive to get comfortable again, but I didn’t feel rushed at all.  I felt like one of the family despite my inexperience. -David

Mike the dive master is patient, thorough, and safe, while opening us up to one of the greatest experiences of our life! – Susan

Divemaster Mike is my personal favorite.  He’s laid back and easy going, but always with an eye on your safety, enjoyment, your equipment and making sure that everthing is running well. – Matt

The only problem with the diving was that Dive Master Mike set the bar too high from the very first day. Not to disappoint, he repeated this the rest of the time! – David

Dive Master Mike is awesome to say the least.  His knowledge and experience blew me away.  If you want to go diving and have an amazing time, go see this guy! -Ashley

 Dive Master Mike is committed to us having the time of our life and that showed through in every detail.  He is so passionate about diving, he catered to our every need and literally was committed to making every dive the best dive ever. -Tracy

The diving is impossible to compare to other dive shops and dive master Mike has a way to make it all a game with a high safety level.  Mike has magic on Nurse Sharks. He can call them for you.  He is super excited about diving. You can often hear him saying “Woooooo” underwater 🙂 -Stacey

Mike is a fantastic dive master.  He was our good luck charm for finding nurse sharks and spearing lion fish!  In all I can’t imagine diving with anyone else!  We have talked 6 of our friends there to become certified and dive. Need I say more? – Dale

Being new to the world of diving, I felt very relaxed from the start knowing that Dive Masters Mike would look after me.  He made sure that dive sites were well explained, where we would meet, what we would (hopefully!) see and the route of our underwater experience. Everything was well planned with Mike keeping a watchful eye on me. -Heather

I had not been diving for some years, but Dive Master Mike made everything safe and relaxed. – Tony

DM Mike is fantastic.  He is knowledgeable, responsible and fun to dive with.  Mike’s enthusiasm for diving is contagious, he really has a bond with the sea life around the area, especially the nurse sharks I was very, very happy to dive with him for a week. :)-Derrick

We made 6 dives and had an excellent experience with each one of them thanks to Dive Master Mike.  We went to another dive shop, but we have been spoiled by Mike.  It will be very hard to match our expectations now that we know how good it can be! – Amy

 We’ve dove over 20 different dive sites, and Dive Master Mike continues to offer top notch A+ service.  He’s super friendly and professional. We look forward to blowing more bubbles with you. – Tasha

Dive Master Mike was informative, helpful, friendly, and quick to point out all the cool stuff along the reef.  I’ll definitely look him up next time. – Tom

Dive Master Mike was amazing to dive with and took us on 4 wonderful dives.  He was very relaxed, but made sure we were all taken care of.  He spent a lot of time pointing out interesting things for us to look at – thank you, we had a great time! – Angie

Dive Master Mike went above and beyond to make our diving trip a VERY memorable one.  His professionalism was fantastic.  We had a superb time diving with you! – Kenny

Dive Master Mike finds the best places to dive and makes sure no other boats are around.  He is a super trooper and really nice guy.  He’s amazing at killing the invasive Lion Fish.  He’d stay under water with me well after the other divers made their way to the surface.  We can’t wait to return. -Madeline

I’ve lived here many years and finally got certified.  Dive Master Mike never disappoints me – best fish spotter! -Lynn

Dive master Mike was exceptional going over and above the necessary to make our dive trip a huge success.  Thanks again for a wonderful experience. We’ll definitely be coming back!! – Jerry

Dive Master Mike takes care of everything so you can sit back and relax.  He also did what no other dive shop has offered, which was to take me to Sea Mounds which are fishing spots, not dive sites, so they get very little traffic. In these areas, you can see more of everything.  After seeing how much better the Sea Mounds are than typical dive sites, I may be ruined. -Curt

Divemaster Mike will always find you the coolest things under water! – Michael

 Mike guided us at pace that allowed us to take note of everything. I have the best underwater pictures from those dives!  Mike was on top of things and he handles the equipment with great care!  Mike is fun to be around, and we developed immediate trust with him.  We never had a bad diving experience but we also never had this great of an experience.  We will be back! – Mark


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